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F is for Flatiron
21 July 2011

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C is for Cat
18 July 2011

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A is for Alley
16 July 2011

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Hands in Water II
14 May 2011

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Hands in Water
13 May 2011

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Alligator for Dinner
26 March 2011

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16 March 2011

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Live Oak
9 March 2011

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6 March 2011

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More Riley
1 February 2011

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Baby Chicks
21 January 2011

Thumbnail image

Mary's Tree
17 January 2011

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Lights Close Up
28 December 2010

Thumbnail image

20 December 2010

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7 December 2010

Recent Comments

A wanderer on Downingtown Paper Mill
I went in not too long ago. Someone died recently. The place looks worse and is creepy. Besides some beautiful ...

Nancy Cordaro on F is for Flatiron
Hi Pat, My friend lived in a town home in that building. She told me it used to be a bakery way back when. It's a ...

Betsy Barron on F is for Flatiron
ha! I do wonder - is there something to the shape/construction - do they use flat iron? Must be! good find!

Betsy Barron on G is for Grass
Miss Maya - how pretty you are!

Ray on Downingtown Paper Mill
Great picture. This place has a lot of history, I worked there for 5 years on and off during college. Do you have any ...

B. Thomas on D is for Doorway
Creative idea for a cool series. Can't wait to see x-y-and z. ;-)

Curly on B is for Biking
Wow, great shot of this peloton.

Curly on C is for Cat
Oddest way to advertise metal work!

Jim Wilson on Hands in Water II
Love it, Pat. Nicely done.

Sam on Smile
Great !!! Beautiful smile ... :)

Sam on Chuck
Love it ... :)

Anita on Anita
Can't disagree with Jim's comment. :-)

Jim Wilson on Anita
I like where you placed Anita in the frame. Nicely done, Pat.

Jim Wilson on Anita
Nice, Pat. Of course you have a great model here.

Betsy Barron on Fork of Yarn
:) delish!

Shelle on Fork of Yarn
You told a great yarn! good for you.

Jim Wilson on Fork of Yarn
What a cool series, Pat. You are the queen of utensils.

Anita Pena on Fork of Yarn
Super idée bien réalisée... j'aime beaucoup.

Anita Pena on Alligator for Dinner
Excellent !

Rayak on Fork of Yarn
Excellent idea and realisation.

Ioanaz on Alligator for Dinner
wow, such a great idea ! very cool shot!

Ioanaz on Fork of Yarn
superbe work! i like it a lot!

Anita on Fork of Yarn
Yes. Clever and creative. I like the colorful ball amidst the monotones.

DIMITRIOS on Fork of Yarn
Superb and imaginative!

Zora Zoé Schmidt on Fork of Yarn
What a great idea - excellently done and shot !!! ***** :-D

Betsy Barron on Fork Project #2
terrific look at an everyday item! the bright green pea pod gives it a great POP!

Rayak on Fork Project #2
Excellent Pov and colors. Thanks for sharing!

Satvik on Fork Project
Excellent image, nice idea :)

Valeria Carolina on Fork Project
Original idea!

Gérard Beullac on Fork Project
Good idea!

Curly on Fork Project
You still made a great design with them though.

DIMITRIOS on Fork Project

Anita on Cupcake
Yum! I'l take one. :-)

Ehlehminee on Cupcake
Mmm looks delicious!

Jim Wilson on Cupcake
Looks good. Didn't your mom ever tell you not to play with your food?

Jim Wilson on Cupcake
Love the colors and framing, Pat. Nice work.

Mindi on Cupcake
Yummy!!! Pretty spring colors! You're making me hungry ;-)

Curly on Cupcake
Gosh, it even has a line to follow! Love the colours.

Vert Pomme on Bacon
Il est trop mignon !!!!

Betsy Barron on Lighthouse Steps
beautifully composed, Pat!!

guillaume on Lighthouse Steps
Superb compo !! like it !

Curly on Lighthouse Steps
Superbly exposed shot, and a very nice b&w conversion.

Juliango on Lighthouse Steps
Délicieux graphisme !

Olivier Paillet on Lighthouse Steps
Nicely graphic ! Well done !

Jim Wilson on Egret
Nice, Pat. That's a good looking bird.

Anita on Egret
Love those feathers.

Jason Politte on Egret
Beautiful heron!

Shahryar on Egret
beautiful shot :)

ocorti on Brothers

ocorti on Back lit Grass
very nice. light and colored.

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